Full Website Review and Assessment - Only £25

How effective is your web site? Is it able to achieve what you want? Is it being seen by your target audience? Not all web sites are made equally, there are many different factors that effect the success or failure of a site. We audit your site based on those factors and give you practical advice on what to do about them.

How compliant is your site? There are numerous web standards that exist to not only ensure your site is displayed the same on different computers and web browsers but also to ensure that those with disabilities can access them correctly. Providing an accessible site is now a legal requirement. Whether you implement some standards correctly or not also has an effect on search engine ranking.


For only £25 we will assess your site based on the criteria below and provide you with a report detailing possible remedies to any problems found. The fee is waived for clients who choose us to provide the remedial work.

Assessment categories

Code review: HTML, CSS and Javascript code is assessed for standards compliance, efficiency, validity and any use of out-dated tags or practices.

Search engine friendliness: Does your site do all it can to maximise your presence in search engine listings or are you being penalised for bad practises or omitted information?

Accessibility: Are you complying with your legal requirements to make your site accessible to those with disabilities and special needs? Many good accessibility practises have a positive knock on effect into search engine friendliness and general effectiveness of your site.

Aesthetics: The colour scheme, layout, effectiveness and contrast of your site are assessed. We also look at your use of images, the structure of your site and the navigation.

Optimisation: How fast is the site, are there any bottle necks that can be removed? Are there any superfluous elements slowing down the loading and the use of the site?

Other items: Security - are there any issues that require further investigation and possibly a full security audit? Spam - Are you vulnerable to spam as a result of your website? Browser compliance - does your site look the same in all the different web browsers?

If you would like a website audit or have any questions please feel free to Contact Us.