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Keywords: the focus of your website

Keywords are just the important words on your website. They are the words that describe what your site is about. There are many words on this website but only a few of them are keywords.

This site is about web design, web development and website promotion. All of these are keywords for this website.

Why are keywords important?

Keywords are the words that people use to search for things on the Internet. Someone looking for a web designer might type Web Design into Google and Google has to know which sites are relevant for that person.

Google and the other search engines analyse websites and establish what the website is about. They do this by looking at the words used on the website and where they appear (in the title etc.). By doing this they work out what the keywords are for a site and then rank them accordingly.

If you don’t use a word on your web page or you don’t use it in the right places then it is likely that you won’t rank for that word in the search engines. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help your site to rank better.

When to think about keywords

It helps to make a list of keywords for your website before you write the copy for it. You can do this by thinking about what people will be searching for when they are looking for your site. What is the main focus of your site? Try to include synonyms and variations on those keywords.

You can then use this list when choosing the names of pages for your website and when writing the text for these pages.

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