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Web Designer

Due to the relative youth of the Internet web related job titles tend to loose and ill defined. Web Designer is one of these titles. For the general public the term tends to mean ‘someone who makes websites’. It is assumed that the web designer provides all of the services needed to get a website onto the internet and to draw visitors to it.

In reality web designers tend to fall into a number of different groups:

The first group are Graphic Designers who have moved over to Web Design. They usually use their design skills to design the look of the site and then pass that design onto someone else to code the website.

The second group may be Graphic Designers or not but the difference is that they have some coding skills. They are able to use HTML and CSS to build the actual web pages themselves and to lay them out correctly.

The third group call themselves web designers because that is what the public expect them to be but are also more than that. The may be more accurately called Web Developers or may be specialists in other web technologies like Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight etc.

Beyond designing and building a website there are so many other elements that go into its success. On a basic level the website needs to be hosted and have the DNS set up. Beyond that there are things like javascript, databases and other dynamic content that can add feature to the website. Correct structure is essential to good placement on search engines. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) takes this even further.

In short it may take more than one web designer to make your website a success. It is a rare individual that possesses all of the skills necessary to make your site work.

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