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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a process that is used to improve a website’s rank in the search engines. It involves establishing the keywords that are important to a website (or a particular page on that website) and then ensuring that the site ranks well for those keywords in Google and the other engines.

On Page and Off Page Optimisation

SEO can be broken down into two types: On Page Optimisation and OffPage Optimisation.

On Page Optimisation refers to changes that are made on the website itself. This can include use of HTML tags, URLs, images and copywriting.

Off Page Optimisation is mostly focused on links to your site and the text that is used in those links. SEO used to involve getting as many links as possible from anywhere but now good SEO focuses on quality rather than quantity.

White Hat and Black Hat

Those who practice SEO tend two fall into two groups: Those who wish to promote their site effectively and honestly and those who wish to inflate their sites importance for financial gain.

Bad SEO tries to trick Google into ranking a site higher than it deserves. It is a way of avoiding the real work of producing a quality site. Google and the other engines are getting better and better at spotting this kind of manipulation.

Good SEO makes the most of your site and helps Google to find the quality content that you have. This in turn helps people searching on Google find the content that they are looking for.

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