Javascript - mjcpk web design and development


Javascript is a programming language that runs on the visitors computer. It is part of their web browser and they don’t need to install anything to make it work. However, they can turn it off if they want to (but only a tiny number of people ever do).

Javascript is used to make websites more dynamic. It can be used for simple effects like tabs, animations and fading transitions between photos but it can also be used for validating forms and updating information on the web page without having to load a new page. It can also do so much more!

Web Designers and Developers used to write their own simple javascript programs which could often be buggy, not compatible with all browsers and costly to maintains. Now, though, standard practice is to use third party libraries of Javascript code. These are well maintained, work across all browsers and are full of features. They also allow others to extend their core abilities by adding in new code in the form of plugins.

Examples of these libraries are: jQuery, Moo-Tools, Prototype, YUI, DOJO, etc

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