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What are keywords?

Keyword Monitoring Service - Sevenoaks Web DesignPeople are always talking about keywords and how important they are to websites but what, exactly, are keywords?

Simply a keyword is a word that is relevant to your website. If your site is about flowers then ‘flowers’ would be a keyword. There will also be other keywords relevant to your site: flower arrangements, roses, exotic flowers perhaps. As you can see a keyword doesn’t just have to be a single word, it can be a key phrase.

Keywords have to appear on the pages of your site. It helps you compile a list of words that you think are important to the subject of your site and to make sure you use them when you are writing the copy.

Why are Keywords Important?

Search engines, like Google, use keywords to establish what a site is about. A website that uses the words flowers, roses and bouquet a lot is probably about flowers. This makes it easier for them to send visitors to your site. Someone searching for ‘bouquet’ could be sent to this site and they could be reasonably sure that they will be getting what they are looking for.

It is important to make sure you are including all of your keywords in your website text otherwise search engines won’t be sending visitors to you for those words. The number of times you use a word and where on the page you use it also makes a difference. Search engines will rank you based on how relevant they think your site is for a particular keyword. Sites deemed to be more relevant than yours will be ranked above yours.

How do I improve my ranking?

There are a number of factors that effect your ranking. Search engines take into account what is on your website but also take into account how many people are linking to you, how relevant they are and the text that they are using to link to you.

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