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Should i get my own website?

If you don’t run an online business you might think that a website is unnecessary. If you are a local small business with established customers, good word of mouth referrals and good exposure in local media and print advertising you might think of a website to be an unnecessary expense and complication. You’ve got by so far without a website so why should you need one now?

When people ask us Do I really need a website? we always ask them if they feel the need to pay for listings in paper directories like the Yellow Pages and adverts in their local papers and magazines. They always answer Yes. They see these things as an essential part of doing business. We would argue that a website is equally as important.

Here’s why

Customers are becoming increasingly less likely to search for company contact details using paper directories. Due to the near ubiquitousness of fast internet access people are becoming more and more likely to search for information on the internet. If you’re not on the internet then you won’t be found. Furthermore people now often expect businesses to have an online presence.

A website provides something new. It is an easy way to make information available to potential customers without the cost (and difficulty keeping it up to date) of printed brochures and without the cost in time of discussing things on the phone. As a first point of call it can provide all of the salient bits of information and mean that you only have to deal with customers ready to buy or engage your services.

A website is also expands your reach to those who may not read the local paper(s), listen to local radio or come across your company by any of the other means that you use to advertise.

Isn’t a website going to be expensive?

It doesn’t have to be. You can spend vast sums on a website if you really want but if all you need is a basic online presence then there is no need to sell the family silver.

Here at mjcpk our introductory package is only £250. This includes registering the website name, hosting the site, designing and building it, setting up email accounts and submitting the site to search engines. We’ve kept it to a single set price so that it is easy for potential customers to see exactly what it will cost them and be able to budget accordingly.

Is a website going to take a lot of effort to maintain?

A website can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. However we suggest that those dipping their toes into the online world should focus on a few essentials to start with:

  • Who you are and what your company does
  • Contact information for your company including address, telephone and email
  • Photos of work done, services offered or products sold
  • The answers to questions that customers often ask you
  • Testimonials from previous customers

These items shouldn’t need to change very much during the average year and any changes you do need to make are only a matter of sending us an email.

What else?

Obviously if you want your website to do more like provide updated company news, interactive product catalogs, social networking etc. that can be done too. The point is that it is very much up to you how central to your business you make the website. However at the very least it is essential to make sure your company has some presence online.

If you have any questions about this or would like to discuss the needs for your website then please feel free to contact us.

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