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Cookie Audit Service

New EU regulations governing the use of cookies on websites came into force on the 26th May 2012.

The majority of website owners in the UK seem to be unaware of the regulations and the impact that they will have on them.


It is now the responsibility of all website owners to be aware of how cookies are used on their site. They must communicate this clearly to all visitors and MUST get the visitors consent before placing any cookies. If the visitor doesn’t give consent you are not permitted to place  cookies. Some types of cookies are exempt while others are not.


Many website owners are not aware that cookies are being used on their website. Third party tools like Google Analytics (and other statistics tools) along with content management systems use cookies behind the scenes to achieve their goals.

Firstly, website owners need to find out what the tools on their websites are doing with cookies and then implement a compliant opt in method for users. Secondly, the likelihood that visitors will choose not to opt in will have  a massive impact on the effectiveness of many tools that owners take for granted. Google Ananlytics, for example, will become thoroughly inaccurate once the new regulations are complied with.

Cookie Audit Service – £25

Our cookie audit service will identify the cookies in use on your website, what they are used for and offer solutions for compliance and maintaining the effectiveness of third party tools.

Contact Us now to arrange your audit and ensure the legality of your website.

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