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Bitcoin Offers

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We now accept Bitcoins for a number of our services. Due the large fluctuations in value, relative to other currencies, we haven’t matched the Bitcoin prices to our prices in GBP. This means that services paid for by Bitcoin are actually cheaper than paying in pounds.

Website Review and Assessment – 0.5 BTC

How effective is your web site? Is it able to achieve what you want? Is it being seen by your target audience? Not all web sites are made equally, there are many different factors that effect the success or failure of a site. We audit your site based on those factors and give you practical advice on what to do about them.

How compliant is your site? There are numerous web standards that exist to not only ensure your site is displayed the same on different computers and web browsers but also to ensure that those with disabilities can access them correctly. Providing an accessible site is now a legal requirement. Whether you implement some standards correctly or not also has an effect on search engine ranking.

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Ranking report for 10 keywords across 6 search engines – 0.1 BTC

Find out where your site ranks for 10 keywords/keyphrases on 6 different search engines. Results are provided in a spreadsheet. Check on a regular basis to get a clear idea of your site’s progress.

Upgrade to 100 keywords for 0.5 BTC

Domain Registration – 0.5 BTC

Website setup, hosting and WordPress install – 5 BTC

Includes: domain registration, 1 years hosting and maintenance, WordPress and email setup

Entry level website – design, hosting, email and optional WordPress – 15 BTC

Includes: Bespoke design, domain registration, 1 years hosting and maintenance, WordPress and email setup

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£25 Search Engine Keyword Monitoring

Monitor you site's rankings for up to 100 keywords across 5 search engines. How successful is your site? »

£40 Website Promotion

How is your site doing? How is it ranking? How many links to it are there? From where? Get a full report. »