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29 Dollar Website Offer

29 Dollar Website Offer

This offer is for a website and domain name only but you can easily add features like Email, FTP, support, and promotional assistance if you need them.

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Domain name (preferred)
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Terms and Conditions

  • Illegal sites are not permitted (under US/EU/UK law)
  • Offensive Content and Pornography is not permitted
  • Unless additionally purchased this offer does not include email addresses, FTP accounts, maintenance and support, analytics, web design or promotional assistance. These are all available for an additional fee
  • We reserve the right to take down your website in the event of legal action, malware or security issues or damage to our reputation. Full or partial refunds may be made in some cases
  • Offer is for 1 year of hosting. Renewal is $29.
  • Users are responsible for updating and backing up WordPress using the built in tools provided

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