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jQuery Rejuvenated by @rem

Monday, May 30th, 2011

I must confess that I tend to shy away from jQuery and javascript in general. I know that javascript can do amazing things and I know it can really enhance the user interface of a site but I tend to avoid it. In my defense part of the reason comes from the historical problems with javascript prior to the advent of the modern libraries. Javascript could cause problems and was an effort to implement and maintain. As a result I kept things deliberately simple to ensure browser compatibility and for my own sanity.

Nowadays there is no excuse to avoid javascript and, when necessary, I use jQuery plugins to provide what I need in a site. However, I haven’t been moving beyond using plugins and the initialisation code provided by the developers on their websites. Other than changing a couple of variables I’ve not been writing any code. That’s not programming, it’s copy and pasting!

Something has happened to change everything. I recently stumbled across jQuery for Designers which is a site by Remy Sharp (@rem) with a whole load of great tutorials on using jQuery to achieve real world tasks.

It is the real world nature of the tutorials that has made the difference to me. It is not suitable for absolute beginners as it doesn’t introduce you to the basics of jQuery. I know the basics, I’ve watched and read tutorials about them before, but what I needed was some more concrete examples of jQuery in action.

What’s good about jQuery for Designers is seeing how you can use the various selectors and functions built in to jQuery to achieve things quickly and simply. Remy does a great job of making you want to get coding. As a result I threw together a little animated carousel in only a few lines of code. Previously I would have searched the web for a plugin that exactly matched my requirements and would probably ended up with more code when you added together the plugin code and the initialisation code that goes with it.

So, all in all, I’m feeling both inspired and empowered. I’m looking forward to taking my designs to the next level with what I’ve learnt. If you want to do the same head on over to jQuery for Designers and get started!