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Tiny Core Linux

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Occasionally I have to use a Windows PC at a client’s offices and for the most part I don’t mind. However, now and then I really want the familiarity of a Linux system and some specific functionality of it that I am used to.

I have a laptop and a netbook, I have live CDs, DVDs and USB sticks but none of those provide the ability to immediately swap into a Linux environment.

Enter Tiny Core Linux. Or more specifically enter Windows Virtual PC running a version of Tiny Core Linux. Windows Virtual PC is a freely downloadable virtual environment where you can run virtually any other Operating System on top of Windows.

The problem with virtualisation is that the guest operating system usually runs very slowly and often this makes it unworkable. Furthermore, it also takes up afair amount of system resources so you wouldn’t want it running in the background ‘just in case’.

So, again we return to Tiny Core Linux a Linux distribution small enough to run quickly when virtualised and to sit in the background ready for action without cramping my style.

It also has a number of other features like its very different but effective package management system and its seeming immunity to degradation over time.

All in all this is a fantastic Linux distribution especially when you want something to run side by side with Windows. This can make browser testing much easier. Thanks Tiny Core Linux!