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Coming out of the shadows

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

I have always had what I called a healthy paranoia when it comes to the web. I was never really very happy putting personal details about myself online despite everyone else around me being more than content to put their names, ages, photos, life stories and whatever else on any number of social networking sites, forums and blogs.

I decided that lurking in the shadows of the internet was the best thing to preserve my privacy and safety but it also prevented me from becoming involved in a lot of exciting things. That’s why I’m writing this now. I have struck a compromise with myself. I will become involved, I will post things online but not under my own. That is why you wont find any references to my real name, location or any other personal details on this site.

The reason I have had to make this change in approach was simply that I need a platform to shamelessly promote myself in order to get work. So I have created this site to be a home to not only my portfolio but also any and all strange and exciting side projects that I come up with.

So, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry for being semi-anonymous and impersonal but I think we can all have a meaningful exchange of ideas without the need for each others life story.

The obligatory first post

Friday, April 25th, 2008

To make a start let me introduce myself. I go by the name mjcpk. The reasons for this are long and tedious but in these privacy conscious days it seems like a good idea to have a handle that doesn’t give too much away.

I am a web designer and developer and this site was designed to be not only a means to display my portfolio but also a platform for me to showcase other projects I’m involved in and to communicate with the wider world in a manageable fashion.

The Blog seems to have become the de-facto standard for these kinds of communications. From corporate CEOs to teenage girls, everyone is using them so I see no particular reason to buck the trend.

I could have used any number of ‘off the shelf’ pre-built blog solutions that are tried, tested and well thought of. The only reason I built my own was that my needs are modest and it’s a good way to demonstrate to potential clients what I can do.

So here it is! I have ironed out the obvious bugs but you can never tell exactly how things will work until you put it online and watch what happens. As it is mainly for demonstration purposes I’m not expecting it to see heavy use but with the Internet there is always a possibility that something I say will be picked up by one of the bookmarking sites and go critical. We’ll have to wait and see!